• Catch Basin Rehab

    Catch Basin Rehab

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Catch Basins

Catch Basin Rehab

Description of Problem:

  • Traffic, erosion and salt from runoff breaks down catch basin structures.
  • When not addressed promptly, these structural breakdowns lead to voids and partial collapse around the manhole and under adjacent roadway slabs.
  • These breakdowns and voids create generally unsafe conditions which can damage automobiles and Vac-Trucks during routine cleaning operations.
  • Traditional fixes or replacements can cost thousands of dollars, and often disrupt traffic and local business and homeowner travel patterns. Many communities report limited available manpower hampers efforts to repair.
  • Havener structural polymer treatments typically cost about 25% of traditional replacement strategies.

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The Solution:

  • Havener Tech spray on structural polymer quickly and effectively fills voids and “Glues” loose bricks into place and effectively protects the structure from future voids or salt erosion.
  • The Havener method is Fast! Our experienced crews can repair a complete structure in 15-30 minutes, allowing us to repair a dozen or more manholes in a single day.

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The Catch Basin Stabilization Services provides another tool that can be used by DPW staff to make repairs to our aging storm water infrastructure. The City is responsible for the repair and maintenance of several thousand catch basins and other storm water structures. As leaks occur in these catch basins and along storm pipes, this tool will allow, in some cases, the injection of a polyurethane foam to fill the voids and seal the structures, thus eliminating the costly and disruptive process of excavating, rebuilding, and repaving.

"Since this is a very specialized product and process, there are a very limited number of contractors nationwide that perform such services, resulting in the single bidder for our area. The recommended contractor, Havener Tech, has worked with the City’s DPW on a number of occasions using this method to repair specific locations and demonstrate the benefits of this technology" - Farmington Hills DTW.


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