• Concrete Leveling

    Concrete Leveling

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Concrete Leveling

Concrete Lifting

Whether it’s a sunken sidewalk or a highway slab, we can lift it! Our technology is the fastest, safest, most effective and longest- lasting solution in the marketplace today!

Closed cell expanding polymer is a hydro-insensitive, environmentally friendly, two part component, which when combined, expands up to 20 times its volume producing a light-weight, high-strength lifting solution.

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How We Do It:

1. A series of small 5/8” holes are drilled for injection ports.
2. The polymer is injected, controlled and monitored by our certified field staff
3. The injection obtains 90% strength within 30 minutes or less. A fast, cost effective, turnkey solution to your problem!

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Why Should you Care?

• The chemical expansion of the polymer lifts and levels the slabs
• The polymer expands in 15 seconds and 90% of its final strength is reached in only 30 minutes
• Small injection holes are unobtrusive and do not cause breakout
• 10 year warranty on polymer material
• One time cost for long term repair

The Result:

concrete leveling 03

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