• Void Fill

    Void Fill

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Void Fill

Voids occur for a variety of reasons like natural water infiltration, poor soil compaction, or sudden disruption from a water main break.

Voids and poor sub soils can cause major problems such as foundation settling, trip hazards from uneven or broken floor or walkway slabs, or weakening or cracking of walls and interior structures... all leading to financial loss and crippling downtime if not addressed in a timely manner.

At Havener Tech we ARE the void filling experts! Whether it's in an industrial, commercial or residential setting, our crews can mobilize quickly with minimal or no disruption to your operation.

Factory/Warehouse Floors

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Emergency Restoration

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Washout or Sink Holes

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How We Do It:

A thorough evaluation of the cause, scope and location of the void is performed. Then a series of small holes (5/8") are drilled in the problem area and hydro-insensitive expanding polymer is injected. The surface is monitored using state of the art laser levels to ensure optimal fill and restored support. The expanding polymer is fully cured in 30 minutes. The void is filled and you are back in business!

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